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Elliott Bay Cafe – Pt2

Posted in Sandwiches with tags , , , on August 20, 2009 by belltowngirl

Yet again Elliott Bay Cafe is on the top of my favorite list.  I’ve been meaning to post another great sandwich that I talked about previously.  Located in Pioneer Square right below the Elliott Bay Bookstore, the main entrance is on 1st Ave S. and S. Main Street.  It’s a great location because you can get great tasting food and head upstairs to the bookstore afterwards.  I’ve been addicted to the Moroccan Steak sandwich(9.75)…grilled on a pita bread it has chunks of seared skirt steak, minted yogurt, feta cheese, and chermoula.  Chermoula or Charmoula is a marinade typically used in countries in the Northern African region (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.)  It’s usually a typical mix of lemon juice, herbs, oil, garlic, and salt.  The steak was tangy and goes well with the feta and minted yogurt.  It comes with a side of either Quinoa or brown rice.  The sides are healthy and tasted great.  Unfortunately, you can’t pick the sides….they come on random days.  Both are really good so I took two pics below with brown rice and Quinoa.  Quinoa is complete in protein and it has a fluffy, slightly crunchy and nutty flavor.  It has “complete protein” meaning it includes all nine essential amino acids.  The brown rice is a mix of of carrots, apples, grapes, walnuts, lemon juice, and rice vinegar.  Very tasty!

Moroccan Steak sandwich with side of brown rice- Elliott Bay Cafe

Moroccan Steak sandwich with side of brown rice - Elliott Bay Cafe

Quinoa side- Elliott Bay Cafe

Quinoa side - Elliott Bay Cafe

I definitely recommend this place for great sandwiches, healthy side dishes and a bonus of having a bookstore right upstairs that opens till 8pm Mon-Sat.  I like to read so it’s a great addition!

Elliott Bay Cafe website:

Address:  101 South Main Street Seattle, WA  98104

Hours:  Mon-Friday 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-8pm, Sun 10am-6pm

Contact:  206 682-6664



Posted in Organic, Raw food with tags , , , , , , , , , on May 9, 2009 by belltowngirl

I have always been interested in trying raw food and recently stumbled upon a new restaurant in Seattle.  Thrive is a new Raw restaurant that opened in December 2008 by owner and chef Monika Kinsman. They have an interesting selection on their menu ranging from smoothies to warm grain bowls.  I love their unique tasting smoothies…never heard of these type of ingredients blended before.  One of my favorites is the Celestial Sea($7).  It has fresh coconut water blended with coconut meat, agave,  cacao, mint, and Vitamineral Green.  Apparently, Vitamineral Green is a superfood product that is loaded with 100% organic nutrients (land vegetables, wildcrafted vegetables, algaes, etc.)  When I first tried it…lets just say that it is an acquired taste, but after three sips you can really taste the coconut and the fresh nutrients along with it – Very refreshing and different.  I like the fact that they offer free samples of their blended smoothies and other blended drinks.  As for food I tried the Awaken($7.50) which is a warm grain bowl.  It was a pretty big serving for a half size bowl.  Very tasty and unique…Bhutanese rice, Quinoa, toasted nori, scallions, seasonal veggies, avocado, and sesame-ginger sauce.  The tangy sauce blended perfectly with the rice and Quinoa.  You can choose between Quinoa or Bhutanese rice – I chose half of each.  If you happen to get this be sure to mix up the rice with the rest of the veggies so that the sauce syncs in. 

Celestial Sea smoothie and Awaken grain bowl

Celestial Sea smoothie and Awaken grain bowl

Next on my list is the Coconutty smoothie($6) and the Pastadoro dish($12).  Thrive restaurant is located in the Ravenna neighborhood across from Whole Foods.  I honestly feel great afterwards – I don’t feel stuffed or tired.  I highly recommend Thrive for great tasting raw food with unique ingredients.  Thank you Monika!

Thrive restaurant

Thrive restaurant

Thrive restaurant

Thrive restaurant

Thrive website:

Address:  1026 NE 65th St, #A-102, Seattle, WA  98115 (Cross st. is Roosevelt Way NE)

Hours:  Mon – Sat 7am – 9pm, Sunday 11am – 9pm

Contact:  206 525-0300