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Prima Bistro – Langley

Posted in Fine Dining, French with tags , , , , , , , on November 11, 2011 by belltowngirl

Once in awhile it is nice to get away from Seattle for the weekend to enjoy great food and scenery.  One of my favorite restaurants on South Whidbey Island is Prima Bistro.  It is on a prime spot in the seaside village of Langley with amazing views of the Cascades and the Saratoga Passage.  The restaurant serves French inspired food with local ingredients.  The dinner menu list looks amazing so I have to be sure to try just couple different dishes.   I learned a big lesson when I had twelve dishes in one day when I was in Napa this summer.

Prima Bistro has a good wine selection and suprisingly they have more of a selection of reds from Oregon than locally.  If you are a fan of Pinot Noir like me than definitely try their wines from Willamette Valley.  All their small plate and appetizer dishes looks amazing…. oooh dear.  I decided to try their fritters with mozzarella, blue cheese, and burrata drizzled with garlic peppercorn vinaigrette.  Great textures, rich buttery flavor of the burrata, and the vinaigrette enhanced the flavor quite well.   

blue cheese and burrata filled Fritter - Prima Bistro

blue cheese and burrata filled Fritter - Prima Bistro

Next, the pan fried veal sweetbreads with apricot and thyme gastrique was amazing.  I am a big fan of sweetbreads and I must say that this was the most innovative. Sweetbreads are very rich in itself and has a distinct mineral flavor.  The apricot gastrique was out of this world…it literally tasted like candy.  Gastrique is a sticky thick sauce that consists of reduction of sugar, vinegar, and fruit where in this case the apricot has been caramelized over heat. 

Pan fried veal sweetbreads with apricot gastrique   - Prima Bistro

Pan fried veal sweetbreads with apricot gastrique - Prima Bistro

Lastly, I tried the confit of duck leg on a salad of puy lentils and frisee with a warm bacon vinaigrette….crispy skin, very moist meat, and richness in every bite. 

Confit of Duck Leg - Prima Bistro

Confit of Duck Leg - Prima Bistro

Overall, I immensely enjoyed Prima Bistro for its excellent French fare and knowledgable waitresses who know gourmet food.  The quickest way to get to Langley is to take the Mukilteo/Clinton ferry.  If you like to take the scenic route I highly recommend going 1-5 N and take exit 230 to check out the Deception Pass bridge  among other amazing nature destinations.  Enjoy everyone!

Prima Bistro website:

Address:  201 1/2 First Street Langley, WA 98260

Hours:  Daily 11:30am-9:30pm, Saturdays till 11pm

Contact:  360 221-4060