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The Confectional Cheesecake- Pike Place Market

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Cheesecake fans rejoice…! If you have not visited the Confectional in the Pike Place Market, it is an absolute must.  This isn’t your typical dense cheesecake with berries on top.  At Confectional it is taken up a notch with light and fluffy mini cheesecakes with exotic flavors.  I have been going there for years and it is consistently perfect in taste and quality.  If you prefer more crust, these cheesecakes would be perfect for you.  They use maria biscuits for their crust which makes it thick and crunchy.  The Confectional has 13 base flavors with new ones coming for every holiday or special occasion. 

I absolutely love all their flavors, but my most favorite ones are the Raspberry White Chocolate….whole raspberries with creamy white chocolate and a thick chocolate crust.  The Mexican chocolate cheesecake has cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and chocolate with a thick chocolate crust.  It has a perfect amount of spiciness where you can still enjoy it.  And one must not forget the Kahlua White Chocolate.  They use sweet kahlua coffee liquor, white chocolate, and a thick chocolate crust….light and fluffy and melts in your mouth!  Also, they do have unique truffles that are filled with cheesecake.  They bake their cheesecake batter, roll it into balls, and dip it in Guittard dark chocolate.  My favorite is the Cookies and Mint Chocolate…..inside is creme de menthe, dark chocolate, crumbled oreo cookies, and is coated in chocolate. 

top left clockwise:  Coconut Cherry Chocolate, Rasberry White, Kahlua White, Mexican Chocolate

top left clockwise: Coconut Cherry Chocolate, Rasberry White, Kahlua White, Mexican Chocolate

The Confectional is located in the Pike Place Market.  If you are familar with the area it is just a couple stores past Le Panier Bakery going south.  One thing I like is that they don’t use hydrogenated oils in any of their ingredients.  Also, if you haven’t tried their thick Colombian hot chocolate, ask for a sample…it is very tasty and great to have alongside with your mini cheesecake.  I would suggest following them on Twitter if you can as they post new flavors.  I missed out on their new flavor in March – Baileys Irish Cream chocolate chunk!  Overall, the Confectional is my favorite place for light and fluffy cheescakes with unique flavors.  Enjoy!

The Confectional website:

Address:  1530 Pike Place, Seattle 98101

Hours:  10am-6pm daily

Contact:  206 282-4422


Art Restaurant and Lounge – Four Seasons Seattle

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One of my favorite places for great Pacific Northwest cuisine and signature cocktails is Art Restaurant located at the Four Seasons Hotel.  If you remember Cascadia restaurant, the owner is now the executive chef at the hotel.  Chef Kerry Sear brings a modern and innovative cuisine to the flourishing restaurant scene in Downtown Seattle.  Art is really two restaurants in one – a sophisticated lounge and formal dining room.  The two spaces are separated by a partition of frosted glass, and share dazzling views of the Elliott Bay and the Olympic mountains.  The impressive array of food that I had is meted in fashionable “tasting tray” portions, which you can enjoy with your favorite glass of vino. 

The first tasting tray we had was the Market.  It was a seafood-themed tray with four contrasting dishes.  I had the king crab with lemon strips and it was a perfect accent ingredient of bright and lemony taste to the crab.  It was a great combination as seafood pairs beautifully with preserved lemons.  The yellow eyed snapper with the carrot and cumin relish gave a nice creamy taste to the tender and mild tasting snapper.  I loved the salmon with jalapeno black plum preserves….Great contrasting ingredients of sweet and spiciness.  The pan-seared trout and onion pickle with zinfandel tasted great as well. 

Seafood Tray  - Art Restaurant Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

Seafood Tray - Art Restaurant Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

The second tasting tray was the Chocolate.  It was a dessert-themed tray with four contrasting dishes.  I delved into the molton chocolate cake with blood orange sauce….moist and tasty!  I loved the bittersweet chocolate(64%) caramel tart with fleur de sel sprinkled on top.  A perfect balance of salty and sweet.  The delicate floral notes of of Fleur de Sel draws out the rich smoky tones in the caramel sauce.  I love anything white chocolate and the white chocolate with brandied cherry ice cream was sublime.  Lastly, who doesn’t like milk chocolate almond mousse cake with candied almonds…sinfully smooth and great texture! 

Dessert Tray - Art Restaurant Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

Dessert Tray - Art Restaurant Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

The lounge area is very sleek and modern and best of all it serves great cocktails.  I would say this is one of my favorite chic bars next to W Hotel in downtown seattle that is.  I like their categories on their drink menu from Market Fresh which uses fresh ingredients from Pike Place Market, Carefree for light spring cocktails, reMix which are classics with a twist, and (Con) Artist which does not include alcohol.  Also, just recently they concocted a drink to celebrate Four Seasons 50th anniversary with the Gold 61 cocktail. This one is absolutely sublime.  The cosmopolitan glass had Hennessy vsop, cointreau, douglas fir eau de vie (colorless fruit brandy), douglas fir sorbet, lemon garnished with gold sugar that is dusted on the rim, and an edible 10k gold leaf.  The drink looks golden and adds a nice to touch their golden themed anniversary.  Anyone who likes exotic cocktails such as this should definitely try it.  They also serve breakfast and lunch daily and would be an excellent stopping point to start off your day before heading to the museum or art gallery across the street.  Also, they valet for free for people dining at their establishment.  If you are familiar with the downtown seattle area, Art is across from the SAM Gallery.  Overall, I immensely enjoyed dining at the Art restaurant in the Four Seasons. Enjoy everyone!

Art Restaurant website:

Address:  99 Union Street Seattle 98101

Hours:  Breakfast daily 6:30am-11am, Lunch daily 11am-2pm, Dinner daily 5pm-10pm, Lounge daily 11am-midnight

Contact:  206 749-7070