A new restaurant just opened its doors right in the middle of downtown Seattle on 4th Ave and Pike.  RN74 is the brainchild of Michael Mina who is a James Beard award winning chef.  He has many many different well received restaurants from San Francisco to Las Vegas.  Suprisingly, he was raised in Ellensburg, WA and now resides in SF.  RN74 is primarily a wine bar focused on Grand Cru wines from the Burgundy region in France.  Their menu is of contemporary french fare with a focus on local ingredients.

I couldn’t help but notice they have sweetbreads and foie gras on their first and second course.  If you have been reading my blog for awhile you probably know  I am a major foie gras fan :)  The Crispy sweetbreads “a la chasseur” with spring onion confit, chanterelle mushrooms, and english peas was delicious.  Very lightly crispt sweetbreads on the outside immersed in a rich onion confit. 

Crispy Sweetbreads "a La Chasseur"

Crispy Sweetbreads "a La Chasseur"

The second plates menu the Liberty Farms duck breast and Hudson Valley foie gras caught my eye.  Very tender duck breast served with a bowl of Bluebird Grain Farms farro, bing cherries, rainbow swiss chard mixed with foie gras.  You take a spoonful and layer it onto the duck – Sublime!  The bing cherries is a great compliment as fruit goes well and balances the richness of foie gras. 

Liberty Farms duck breast & Hudson Valley foie gras
Liberty Farms duck breast & Hudson Valley foie
RN74 Seattle
RN74 Seattle

I love anything to do with wine reduction sauce and the Alaskan halibut with sugar snap peas sounds absolutely delicious.  The dish will definitely be next on my list.  An excellent wine bar in the downtown Seattle area.  The interior I would best describe as old world and contemporary with dark red leather seats and sleek blue lighting at the wine bar.  For a more intimate evening with your special date, I highly recommend reserving a booth.  Hopefully, I will have time to visit the main wine bar when I pass through to Napa Valley in the next couple weekends.  On a side note, stay tuned for my review on the new Iron Chef Morimoto restaurant in Napa :)  Overall, RN74 has excellent customer service and great modern french fare.  Enjoy!

RN74 website (Downtown Seattle):  http://www.michaelmina.net/

RN74 website (SF):  http://www.michaelmina.net/restaurant.php?restaurant_id=3&action=menus

Address:  1433 Fourth Avenue  Seattle, WA  98101 (cross st is Pike)

Hours:  Lunch 11am-2:30pm, Dinner Sun- Thurs 5:30-10pm Fri-Sat 5:30-10:30pm

Contact: 206 456-7474


4 Responses to “RN74”

  1. surfseatown Says:

    I really love the combination of foie gras, duck breast and bing cherries. I would imagine that the bitterness of the swiss chard complements the sweetness of the cherries and the rich foie gras and duck very well…thus forming a flavor triumvirate!:) I’ll have to go and check this place out.

  2. Will have to check out this new wine bar! Thanks!

  3. Great post! I’ll have to come here when we come up! Can you email me back to talk about a tequila infused food program I will be putting together in Seattle in a few months? thanks Belltowngirl!!

  4. Carrie B. Says:

    Is RN 74 actually in the Michael Mina restaurant? did they build a Mina in Seattle too/?

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