Six Seven at the Edgewater Hotel

One of my favorite restaurants on the waterfront is Six Seven.  It has spectacular views of the puget sound and the olympic mountains and is located on Pier 67.  It features New American appetizers and entrees, specializing in gourmet food with a seafood focus.  I always come here for their seafood especially for their tasty white fish and salmon dishes. 

There were a couple dishes I wanted to try, but the salmon entree always seems to catch my eye.  The Cedar Plank Salmon was spectacular….chanterelle mushrooms, rainbow potatoes, tomato, pancetta, truffle cream, asparagus, and blackberry honey…Yum!  The grilled King Salmon had a rich, smoky flavor especially when combined with truffle cream sauce.  I am a fan of wild mushrooms such as the porcini and morel mushrooms and the chanterelle was a perfect addition with its meaty and nutty flavor.  Perfect timing as wild mushrooms are in season in late fall.  Typically, wine pairing is dependent on the base and bridge ingredients of the dish and since the salmon(base) had chanterelle mushrooms, truffles(bridge) it was a perfect match for a Pinot Noir so we had the 2007 Rochioli Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley in California.  A terrific fish to match with this wine! 

Cedar Plank King Salmon - Six Seven

Cedar Plank King Salmon - Six Seven

I could not leave without trying the Wild Striped Sea Bass.  The Sea Bass was perfectly immersed with artichoke and leek stew, sauvignon blanc, fines herbs, cipoline onions, tomato confit, and roasted fennel on top to give it that sweet and mild delicious added flavor to the fish.  This one is a winner!!  The Sea Bass was pan roasted perfectly which gives the skin that nice crackle and that is how it should be cooked. 

Wild Striped Sea Bass - Six Seven

Wild Striped Sea Bass - Six Seven

Lastly, it could not hurt to try one dessert for the night as all the previous dishes were light, but very tasty.  I had to try the pumpkin with pistachio crusted cheescake….Yum!!  If you try this dont forget to eat slice with the gingerbread pureed sauce that is drizzled on the dish!  

Pumpkin with Pistachio crusted Cheesecake - Six Seven

Pumpkin with Pistachio crusted Cheesecake - Six Seven

Six Seven restaurant also has a chic lounge with a fireplace that gives it a warm and cozy feeling.  Be sure to check out the lounge on Fridays and Saturdays as the have terrific bands playing rhythm and blues to jazz music.   If you like great drinks with tonic water be sure to try their vodka tonic because their tonic is homemade.  The chief ingredient in tonic is called Quinine.  It is derived from a tree bark in the Amazon basin and is supposed to have medicinal properties.  The major plus is that the bar uses Quinine powder in its “pure form” as opposed to it being dilluted into a high fructose corn syrup such as the likes of Schweppes and Canada Dry.  I have been a recent fan of 100% pure Quinine powder in tonic water as it has less of that sugary, syrupy taste and more of a slightly bitter, but very tasty ingredient in tonic water.  I would recommend reserving a booth for dinner as you have excellent views facing the waterfront.  The customer service is always top notch all the times that I have dined there.  Six Seven is a great restaurant with tasty seafood dishes and an excellent wine list.  The ambiance is also perfect to take your special loved one for a romantic dinner as well ;)  Enjoy everyone!

Six Seven restaurant website:

Address:  2411 Alaskan Way, Pier 67 Seattle, WA  98121

Hours:  Dinner Sun-Thurs 5:30-9pm, Fri-Sat 5:30-10pm

Contact:  1 800 624-0670


3 Responses to “Six Seven at the Edgewater Hotel”

  1. The Sea bass looks scrumptious!

  2. The salmon looks ridiculously good. Will have to check out soon!

  3. surfseatown Says:

    Blackberries with salmon is a wonderful pairing. The presentation of the salmon is both rustic and classy. Looks like a great place to go on the weekend:)

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