POP! Concorn Gourmet Mix-In

The title says it all!  Popcorn fans out there rejoice, POP! Concorn Gourmet Mix-In has arrived to Seattle!  I admit I am a major popcorn fan and when I saw their brilliant concoction while strolling in the mall I had to stop and check it out the kiosk.  POP! Gourmet Mix-In has recently moved 3 miles away from Southcenter mall into their own store.  I was a little overwhelmed with the menu as they have over 100 ingriedients to choose from and they all sound bizarrely tasty. 

On the menu there are 5 popcorn base flavors to choose from:  Plain, Caramel, Caramel peanut butter, Rasberry, and Tuxedo.  The Rasberry corn is covered with raspberry sauce and white chocolate.  The Tuxedo is my favorite and has a caramel base with a drizzle of milk and white chocolate.  Then, you can add 3 mix-ins(priced in).  I chose Tuxedo popcorn and added four mix-ins of mini marshmallows, trix, reese’s pieces, and fruity pebbles.  Yum!!  The mix-in categories are anywhere from candies, flavors and seasonings, cereals, fruits and nuts, sugars to delectables.  There is too many toppings to list, but at random they have anything from jalapeno powder, malted milk balls, wasabi peas, candied walnuts to even whipped cream.  I admit I am laughing write now…one of their delectables are whip cream!  I can’t quite visualize the feasibility, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try one of these days.   They have what they call ‘big’ or ‘bigger’ size and I chose the big as it was a good enough size that lasted me about a week and a half.  Also, a major plus is that the popcorn did not go stale at all. 

Pop! Concorn Gourmet Mix-In kiosk - Southcenter mall

Pop! Concorn Gourmet Mix-In kiosk - Southcenter mall

Pop! Concorn Gourmet mix-in  - Southcenter mall

Pop! Concorn Gourmet mix-in - Southcenter mall

If you can’t decide what to choose they have a small house specialty list that they have concocted themselves ranging from Pizza Pop! to Maui Waui.  On the virtual side of things, there website has an online cart where you can customize your order and have it delivered to your home.  Their website is almost a replicate of their kiosk, but slightly tweaked a bit on a positive note :)  There are some flavors that are not included at the kiosk that I really want to try.  There are four new categories: sweet, classic, savory, and supreme flavors.  Spicy fans read on…..they have a Hot Mama popcorn which is covered in olive oil and jalapeno….Yum!  Their Hazelnut and Macchiato popcorn sounds tasty as well.  Oreo fans out there….they also have a premium caramel popcorn with chunks of Oreo cookie crumbles.  If you want to experiment a little more they also have Coconut Curry popcorn and Maple Bacon popcorn.  The popcornologists at the kiosk are extremely friendly and knowledgable if you are a little undecided.  The closest entrance to the kiosk would be the opposite end of the AMC theatres at the Southcenter mall.  Overall, I highly recommend checking out the Pop! Concorn Gourmet mix-in bar for out of this world popcorn.  Enjoy!

Pop! Concorn Gourmet mix-in website: http://popconcorn.com/about.html

Address:   916 Houser Way South Renton, WA

Hours:  Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-7pm

Contact:  206 682-1550


5 Responses to “POP! Concorn Gourmet Mix-In”

  1. thanks for the tip, I love popcorn too! cant wait to try the coconut curry, although I have a feeling that I will be tempted to buy several flavors!

  2. belltowngirl Says:

    Glad you liked the popcorn post! I bought the hot mama popcorn just recently – spicy!

  3. Thank you Belltowngirl for the great blog about our company. We REALLY APPRECIATE it.

    We wanted to let you know that we have moved our location to 916 Houser Way South in Renton, just three miles away. Our new phone number is 206.682.1550. We wouldn’t want any of your followers to end up at the wrong place.

    Thanks again. David, POP! Gourmet Popcorn

  4. belltowngirl Says:

    Thanks for the update David! I appreciate it and wishing you the best of luck on your new store!

  5. surfseatown Says:

    Lots of great flavors. I would definitely swing by here, as I was extremely addicted to Cracker Jacks growing up. I wonder how long it takes to whip up a mix on the spot? It’d be great if they had this in theaters…movie theater popcorn is always too bland for my taste.

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