Delicatus – Pioneer Square

Hooray! I have finally found an excellent sandwich place that I enjoy soo very much! If you are familiar with the Pioneer Square area, they replaced the old Longhorn Barbeque on 1st Ave. Delicatus in Pioneer Square opened its doors in March of 2010 by Derek Shankland and Mike Klotz and I am soo glad they did. They have over 20 different types of sandwiches from what they call “traditionalists” to the “progressives” on their menu. They source their meats from Zoe’s meats and locally made Bavarian meats in Pike Place Market. Also, they make their pull pork, lamb, meatballs in house daily. I love their bread they use and they source it locally from Essential Baking Company.

Delicatus - Pioneer Square

Delicatus - Pioneer Square

It’s hard not to have a couple of favorite sandwiches at Delicatus as all that I have tried(12+) are very tasty. The ones I have tried recently is the Olivetto(8.50)…on a crisp Italian roll is smoked Black Forest ham, sharp provolone,  Tuscan salami, Coppa, red onion, lettuce, and tomato.  Yum! Coppa, or Capocollo is similar to that of a prosciutto.  It is an Italian cold cut that is dry-cured.  I love anything Charcuterie and Delicatus does have coppa, prosciutto, and duck confit immersed in quite a bit of their sandwiches. 

One of my initial favorite that I had maybe 5x in a row(no joke) is the Duwamish sandwich(7.75)….tender pulled pork, swiss emmental cheese, shaved ham, pickled cucumber, pickled red onions, jalapeno-lime aioli…all one a toasted Italian roll.  “Pickled” fans out there as I am one of them….you have to to try this!  The nutty flavor of emmental, pickled ingredients, pulled pork, etc makes the Duwamish a burst of complex flavor. Yum!  What I love most about Delicatus is that they customize their sandwiches with the perfect type of bread where it holds in the flavor of the sauce and it never makes the bread soggy and tear in half.  All sandwiches come with chips, but I prefer to have cole slaw as a side. 

Duwamish sandwich w/ side of slaw - Delicatus Pioneer Square

Duwamish sandwich w/ side of slaw - Delicatus Pioneer Square

Delicatus - Pioneer Square

Delicatus - Pioneer Square

Next on my list would the Mudd Honey(8.25) that has turkey, roast beef, Zoe’s slab bacon, horseradish aioli, white chedder, and their house bbq on a crisp Italian roll.  Also, the Seattle Cure(8.75) sounds tasty….it has salmon lox, cured albacore tuna bresaola, red onions, sweet peppers, and lemon-caper aioli immersed on a toasted panino roll…Yum! 

I would suggest not going exactly at noon on weekdays as I didnt realize how much people filled up the place to full capacity and a long line leading to the door so now I go at around 1pm or on weekends.  They also have a full bar with a decent selection of microbrews in the lower level corner that has about eight seats.  If you want to sit somewhere cozy and more spacious I would recommend sitting upstairs.  Also, if you have a sweet tooth afterwards, check out Rocky Mountain chocolate factory next door…I only go there for the marshmallow sticks and caramel apples.  My favorite is the oreo crumbled marshmallow sticks and the dutch apple pie caramel apples.  Overall, I enjoyed the sandwiches at Delicatus and extremely friendly and informative employees there.  They are always so nice…Enjoy everyone!

Delicatus website:

Address:  103 1st Ave S Seattle, WA  98104

Hours:  Mon-Thurs 11:30am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10pm, Sunday-closed

Contact:  206 623-3780


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  1. coffeelover Says:

    you should also try the Reign man, the roast beef is cooked perfectly and there is a lot of it! the sourdough bread is nice and fresh, but the ingredient that sets it off perfectly is the horseradish, just enough to add that extra flavor that makes this sandwich a must try for roastbeef lovers.

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