One of my favorite places that I’ve been meaning to write is a restaurant called Branzino.  The menu is of northwest seafood and Italian influences.  It’s located in the central part of Belltown, but on the quiet side of 2nd Ave and Wall St.  What I love most is not just the food, but the relaxed interior of dark wood booths and dim lights that makes for a great ambient and enjoyable night.  Whenever I have dinner here I can actually here what my friends are telling me so the noise factor is not something to worry about.  I definitely think the wooden booths may have been the key factor.  If you have ever been to Queen City Grill it has a certain resemblance which makes sense as the owner, Peter Lamb also owned Queen City. 

For this particular night I wanted to try one of their dishes that the waitress recommended.  I ordered a medium rare ribeye with figs and cipollini onions, unique seasonings and it was super tender, savory, and cooked perfectly! 

Ribeye dish - Branzino

Ribeye dish - Branzino

I was debating between the duck confit or the octopus …both sounds great but I love duck.  This was an amazing dish….duck confit with roasted parsnips, pear, and farro risotto($23).  The duck was grilled, well browned, and perfectly crisp.  Typically, the duck confit dishes are accompanied with fruit and the pear was the perfect enhancement.  Next on my list I would like to try is the octopus on puttanesca sauce and the Gnocci rabbit confit with chard and wild mushrooms.

Duck confit dish - Branzino

Duck confit dish - Branzino

Lastly, I had one of my FAVorite desserts here… have to try the Cannoli with Marcola almond, cocoa nib, and salted caramel($8).  The salted caramel I think is what drives this tasty dessert…The is the best Cannoli I have tried in Seattle and it’s undescribably that good!!  I haven’t veered away from the Cannoli yet, but I should….

Cannoli - Branzino

Cannoli - Branzino

I definitely like to try the Valrhona chocolate layer cake with house-made vanilla bean gelato or the Beignets with black pepper creme anglaise and sour cherry jam.  I’ve always seen Beignets on tv and have been meaning to try the deep fried dough pastry with fruit filling…Yum!  Overall, I always enjoy Branzino for great tasting dishes, succulent desserts, and a nice ambience!

Branzino website:

Address:  2429 2nd Ave Seattle WA  98121 (Cross St is Wall St)

Hours:  Mon 5pm-10pm, Tues-Thurs 5pm-11pm, Fri-Sat 5pm-12am, and

Sunday 4pm-10pm

Contact:  206 728-5181


5 Responses to “Branzino”

  1. Peter Beeson Says:

    Great review; fantastic culinary writing. Zap me an email would love to share a meal and catch up! Cheers, PeterTwo

  2. surfseatown Says:

    Steak+Cannolis+vino = perfect dinner! Now, Belltowngirl, if you can tell me where to find pierogi’s in Seattle, then I’ll be very happy!:)

  3. belltowngirl Says:

    Hey surfseatown,

    I’ve have heard of pierogi’s before….seen them in certains parts of Vancouver, B.C. They sound very tasty! Will probably have to visit Canada again soon… ;)

  4. 427 cobra Says:

    Ive made my reservations and I cant wait to try the ribeye, it sounds incredible! thank you belltown girl!

  5. coffeelover Says:

    the ribeye sounds delicious but i would love to try the halibut and the potatos confit! do you know if they grill or broil the halibut?

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