Quinn’s Pub – Capitol Hill

I have been meaning to try a couple gastropubs here in Seattle that I heard about from friends and finally had the chance to check out Quinn’s Pub in Capitol Hill.  I haven’t really heard of the term “gastropub” until recently. It’s essentially a bar that serves high end food.  Quinn’s pub is definitely not your typical bar….it looks pretty upscale yet comfortable with dim amber lighting and candlelit decor.  They also have an upstairs loft dining area overlooking the bar.  Quinn’s Pub has great bar menu and the list is definitely on the exotic side lets just say.  My kind of taste and which makes sense as the owners of Quinn’s Pub also own Zoe’s in Belltown which happens to be one of my favorite restos.  Vegetarians, don’t be afraid as there are some dishes there that you’ll definitely like as well.  All were very tempting to try, but decided to get couple small dishes.  First, I had the Oxtail with blood orange, chickpeas, and greens.  It was very tender, juicy, and flavorful….

Oxtail dish - Quinn's Pub

Oxtail dish - Quinn's Pub

Next, I decided to try a couple small plates.  Haven’t tried this exotic meat before, but went ahead and had the Wild Boar sloppy joe, crispy sage leaves, with green peppers($10).  The pepper was served whole and I cut it up to spread it out evenly on the burger….Very tasty and and lighter meat with a little kick of the peppers! 

Wild Boar Sloppy Joe - Quinn's Pub

Wild Boar Sloppy Joe - Quinn's Pub

Lastly, I wanted something light and crispy.  The Painted Hills beef tartare, pumpernickel crisps with sides of greens and beets($10).  Very tasty and creamy and the beets added a nice tart taste to it.   Another plus is that Painted Hills beef is all natural meaning the cattle are fed 100% vegetarian diet. 

Painted Hills beef tartare - Quinn's Pub

Painted Hills beef tartare - Quinn's Pub

Quinn’s Pub has a full bar with a dozen beers on tap ranging from your typical PBR to Manny’s Pale Ale (one of my favs).  Also, they carry interesting beers from Europe that I never even heard of.  I read rave reviews on Koningshoeven Quadrupel($11), a trappist Ale from the Netherlands. I will most definitely try this on my next trip to Quinn’s Pub.  If you are familiar with Capitol Hill, the pub is basically across from Neumo’s.  Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations so just a heads up.  Overall, I really enjoyed the unique tasting gastropub food and with great ambience to boot!

Quinn’s Pub website:  http://www.quinnspubseattle.com/

Address:  1001 East Pike Street Seattle, WA  98122 (Cross st. is 10th Ave)

Hours:  Mon-Thurs 5pm-12am, Fri-Sat 5pm – 1am, Sunday 5pm-10pm

Contact:  206 325-7711


2 Responses to “Quinn’s Pub – Capitol Hill”

  1. I received an e-mail from Jan Marie Johnson who is the owner/operator of Seattle Bites Food Tours. I met Jan Marie last year on her tour of Pike Place Market and had such a fabulous time!!! Her tours are a couple of hours in length and she introduces you to many of the vendors and owners at Pike Place Market, plus there are free samples of wine, clam chowder, chocolate, crepes, etc, etc. You can visit her site at http://www.seattlebitesfoodtours.com .

    Jan Marie has offered a free tour for bloggers only (she will waive the $40 fee) of the Pike Place Market ….Saturday May 1st. We will get a charming cultural Seattle tour which pairs memorable stories of the market and its merchants with delicious gourmet food and drink. .She asks that in return we do a blog post on our sites about her tour!!!!!

    If you would be able to take this free tour with Jan Marie please comment. If you know of any other Seattle area bloggers please leave me their contact information. The more the merrier!!!!! More details to come on time, etc.

    What “foodie” wouldn’t enjoy that!!!! A few hours spent with Jan Marie truly is one of Seattle’s most enjoyable culinary and historic experiences and a “foodie” dream. I loved meeting the merchants and learning their stories and trying what they had to offer. We are all “foodies” so who wouldn’t love to do something “foodie” related for a few hours!!!

  2. surfseatown Says:

    Oxtail is perhaps my favorite form of beef. It’s pretty difficult to find in restos these days, so when I find it I tend to order it! It’s so good!

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