Full Tilt

Ahhh….one of my fav places to relax and play arcade games and have great artisan ice cream….Full Tilt!  I first heard about it just last year and have been hooked since.  They change their ice cream flavors every week which is a plus in my book, but for the regulars they do have your standard popular ones daily.  They have great varieties from  birthday cake ice cream, Ube (Filipino purple yam), Vegan vanilla, Mexican Chocolate, Mephis King (banana, peanut butter, and chocolate covered bacon) to name a few…I have tried a couple so far and all are great.  For example, the Mango Chile has a light to medium spice with little chunks of mango, and the Birthday Cake ice cream literally has generous chunks of birthday cake that has a slight lemony flavor and sprinkles to it!  Another great thing about Full Tilt is you can reserve it for birthday parties and they can create an ice cream that you designed before the party. 

Birthday Cake ice cream - Full Tilt (Columbia City)

Birthday Cake ice cream - Full Tilt (Columbia City)

Quite honestly, we need more places like Full Tilt that has a gaming ambience to it.  I truly enjoy playing first gen arcade games and most of their games are first gen!  I was a little bummed that they took out Centipede… I loved the DDT bombs and hated the evil spiders!  Nevertheless, they still do have a pretty good list of games such as Q*bert, Ms.Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Joust, Galaga, Star Wars, Pull Position, Road Blaster, and Street Fighter 2.  All are stand up machines except for Q*Bert.  All are in pretty good condition (controllers work, and never had problems with inserting coins). 

Arcade Games - Full Tilt

Arcade Games - Full Tilt

Q*Bert - Full Tilt (Columbia City)

Q*Bert - Full Tilt (Columbia City)

Full Tilt has three locations: West Seattle, Columbia City, and a new one in U-District.  All are great locations…you can head to West seattle, then go for a walk on Alki Beach.  What I typically like better is the Columbia City location.  Given a nice day out, I would highly recommend going straight on Rainier Ave going South, take a left on S. Orcas St. and you will run into Lake Washington Blvd.  There is a great park called Seward Park that is a 2 and 1/2 mile loop, unobstructed views of Mt. Rainier, and a great walking/bicycling path.  Overall, I definitely recommend Full Tilt for great artisan ice cream and arcade games!

Seward Park

Seward Park

Full Tilt website:  http://fulltilticecream.com/

Address:  5041 Rainier Ave S.  Seattle, WA  98118 (Columbia location)

Hours:  Tues-Sunday 2pm-10pm, Open late Fri and Sat, Closed Monday

Contact:  206 226-2740


4 Responses to “Full Tilt”

  1. Hey! Your blog is very helpful! I love food and will be trying out some of restaurants you’ve reviewed. If you like organic/raw foods, have you heard of Chaco Canyon?

  2. surfseatown Says:

    Sounds like they blow your typical ice cream shop out of the water with those creative flavors! Do they have a game called “Robotron 2084”?

  3. belltowngirl Says:

    Hey surfseatown, They definitely do have some creative and tasty flavors. Unfortunately, they dont have Robotron 2084. I was just there today…I’ll definitely make a request if they can add it! You can’t go wrong with Robotron..!

  4. 427 cobra Says:

    thank you belltowngirl! i had no idea there was an ice cream shop so close to one of my favorite destinations, ie seward park. I cant wait for those hot summer days at the park with some tasty ice cream!

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