Run of the River Inn – Leavenworth, WA

One of my favorite weekend getaways that is worth relaxing and having great food is a town in Washington called Leavenworth.  It’s a quaint and beautiful place to step back in time to the Bavarian Alps and enjoy great German cuisine and beer!  I love the vibrant and spirited town of Leavenworth, but once in awhile it’s really nice to have great home cooked food served at your doorstep.

One of those special places I have come to enjoy so much is Run of the River Inn, a relaxing mountain inn on the banks of the Icicle River.  I went to Run of the River for the weekend in June of 2009.  The inn has a timeless, rustic, and luxurious mountain lodge feel to it.  Run of the River is surrounded by a bird refuge and I often see the blue heron or kingfisher flying to the birdhouse of the lodge.  I have been to a couple of the different suites that they offer..but my ultimate FAVorite place is the Ravenswood Lodge($425 per night; 2 night minimum).  A spacious chalet style luxury retreat complete with a river rock fireplace, all timber furniture locally made, jetted tub, full kitchen….I can go on and on about every single detail and imagination that was put into this place, but I’d rather save it as a suprise if you ever visit which I definitely think you will…

What I like the most is that you actually get to meet and chat with the innkeepers, Monty and Karen Turner.  They are the most genuine and heartwarming innkeepers you’ll ever meet.  They happen to bring the breakfast to your door and tell you all the details that goes into every food and most of all they are willing to guide you in any way to make your experience worthwhile.  The first morning I had a classic Denver scramble with onions, Canadian bacon, sweet bell peppers, topped with fresh parsley and cherry tomatoes.  The blueberry pecan pancakes were tasty and they used local blueberries.  If you have a sweet tooth they also added diced local apples that were cooked slightly with ginger muesli and topped with fresh strawberries.

Denver scramble with blueberry pecan pancakes - Run of the River

Denver scramble with blueberry pecan pancakes - Run of the River

The second morning we had the Sourdough bread bowls with jambalaya rice, chorizo sausage, bell peppers, fresh parsley, and cherry tomatoes.  In the iron pan was the tasty and warm D’Anjou pear crisp with almonds and fresh ground cloves.  My FAVorite drink I always long for is the juice which is a blend of fresh, local apples- a local cider blend from Woodring Orchards in Cashmere, fresh strawberries, walnuts, and a touch of bran.  The yogurt is something unique that I’ve never tasted before… blueberry, banana organic yogurt from Stoneyfield’s topped with a different variety of nuts and a cinnamon walnut breakfast cake.  Very fulfilling, tasty and the perfect way to start your day especially if you are going on a long bike ride or a hike up the mountains ;)

Sourdough bread bowls with D'Anjou pear crisp - Run of the River

Sourdough bread bowls with D'Anjou pear crisp - Run of the River

Ravenswood Lodge - Run of the River

Ravenswood Lodge - Run of the River

Ravenswood Lodge at Run of the River

Ravenswood Lodge Run of the River - Leavenworth

There are two ways to get to Leavenworth…either Hwy 2 or I-90 E.  Both have excellent views of the scenic Cascade range, but I’d suggest taking I-90E over Hwy2 because of the one lane roads.  Run of the River Inn is great for couples in need of a romantic retreat for the weekend ;)  Overall, my experience at the Run of the River Inn is the best weekend getaway overlooking the spectacular view of the Enchantments and refuge and also not to be forgotten….great healthy food at its best!

Run of the River website:

Address:  9308 E Leavenworth Road, Leavenworth, WA  98826

Contact:  509 548-7171


8 Responses to “Run of the River Inn – Leavenworth, WA”

  1. surfseatown Says:

    Sounds like a great place! Reminds of Skamania Lodge on the Columbia River (except without the door service and the kitchen in the and and and…;))
    Yogurt and Muesli is a favorite before hiking. I always take a crusty loaf of french bread and Nutella with!

  2. FuzzyBirdie Says:

    Last time i was in Leavenworth was over 5 years ago, Oktoberfest… sad thing is that don’t remember much about the 3 day trip….

    hmmm…. maybe too much fun…..

  3. tyre11c0rp Says:

    lots to do in Leavenworth… good to know that you can have a great place to stay, and a healthy meal before exploring the city and countryside!

  4. surfseatown Says:

    The snow is back on the blog! Happy days are here again:)

  5. belltowngirl Says:

    Skamania Lodge…might have to check that out… And yes, nutella is great w/ almost anything…First time I had that was my very first trip to Paris…at nite all the crepe stalls served banane nutella! yum!

  6. those meals look like a tasty way to start your day, and it looks like Leavenworth has lots of activities to offer!

  7. surfseatown Says:

    Try crepes with Kinder Schokolade…sooo addictive! Better not try!;)

  8. belltowngirl Says:

    I know Euro Kinder brands very well…they are addicting….always get a couple when I am in Canada..They seem to be everywhere. I will definitely look out for the Schokolade….The Kinder Bueno chocolate bar is sublime! Oh and I finally found Kinder at DeLaurenti in Pike Place Market!

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