Coastal Kitchen – Capitol Hill

Coastal Kitchen happens to be a great place to have breakfast on the weekends.  Located on the end of Capitol Hill near Madison area, it happens to be a favorite among locals.  Coastal Kitchen has an ever changing menu with emphasis on seafood from different coastal regions that features Tunisia, Jamaica, Cuba and so on.  I brought my best friend from Virginia once and he loved the breakfast especially the gigantic and tasty coffee cake.  I always try to take advantage of their quarterly themed region menu and currently it is the country Cuba.  I decided to order the Boliche Hash which is a traditional Cuban pot roast.  The pot roast has ground chuck, potatoes, poached eggs, pablano peppers, chorizo sausage, roma tomatoes, lemon zest and simmered in a lemon-lime juice sauce.  The meat was very tender and juicy and blended well with the potatoes and peppers.

Boliche Hash - Coastal Kitchen

Boliche Hash - Coastal Kitchen

Other favorites I  had in the past are the Smoked Pacific Cod Hash which is Mesquite smoked in Cod in Yuka Hash with Aji pepper, garlic, and red onion.  Also, the Gingerbread Waffle breakfast is tasty….Coastal Kitchen tends to be very busy on weekends so I would definitely recommend going before 10am.  Overall, a great breakfast eatery in Capitol Hill.

Coastal Kitchen website:

Address:  429 15th Avenue E  Seattle, WA 98112 (Cross street is E. Harrison)

Hours:  Breakfast 8am-3pm daily

Contact:  206 322-1145


2 Responses to “Coastal Kitchen – Capitol Hill”

  1. surfseatown Says:

    I love cod hash!!! Wait? They have cod hash?! This is actually so hard to find that I normally make it on my own. I’m definitely trying that next time at the Coastal Kitchen:-D

  2. looks spectacular. also looks like the portions there are generous. definitely good advice to get there early!

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