Macrina Bakery – Belltown

One of my favorite places for brunch and great sandwiches is the Macrina Bakery in Belltown.  Located on 1st Ave in Belltown, this happens to be their first Bakery which opened in 1993.  Everything here is great and most of all they support Washington farmers as most of their breads use local ingredients.  What I liked most is that their lunch menu changes every week..from their salads to sandwiches.  I decided with the Panzanella salad for that day…very tasty!  Toasted Macrina bread, olive oil, basil, burrata cheese, sweet 100 tomatoes, pine nuts,  organic greens tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette and served with Sardinian bread.  Also on the side is samples of their Apricot nut bread.  It is a light sourdough with dried Turkish apricots, roasted walnuts and pecans…one of my favorites.

Panzanella salad - Macrina Bakery

Panzanella salad - Macrina Bakery

Macrina salads always taste fresh and their house vinaigrette blends well with their changing dishes.  Also, my FAVorite sandwiches are the House Foccacia which has Genoa salami, roasted red peppers, arugula, provolone, and pesto and red wine vinaigrette.  If you like fruit in yours try the Carne Ciabatta sandwich….turkey, roasted peaches, roasted Walla Walla sweet onions, white cheddar, spinach and lemon vinaigrette.  Their brunch is very tasty..they serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday between 9am until 3pm.  I definitely recommend trying their french toast, buttermilk waffles,  or salmon scramble.  Their brunch changes every weekend which is a plus in my book.  Be sure to sign your name on the white sheet.  I see people all the time looking blank so I always let em know to sign up at brunch.  It gets really crowded at noon so I tend to go really early because if you go late towards 2-3pm some of their dishes are already sold out.

Also, it’s great that Macrina Bakery opens early at 7am.  The addicting pastries I always go for is the Orange Hazelnut Pinwheels($2.85)  which is a croissant dough rolled with roasted hazelnuts and topped with an orange glaze.  The Chocolate Grand Marnier coffeecake($3.50) is a chocolate, almond, and orange with bittersweet chocolate and Grand Marnier drizzled with an orange ganache glaze.  Very sweet, but oh soo good!  They also have very tasty cakes and unfortunately you can only buy by the slice when they have a lot on hand.  My favorite two cakes are the Whisper cake which is  white chocolate layered with lemon curd and fresh raspberry preserves and is frosted with white chocolate cream cheese buttercream.  Secondly, the Red Velvet seems to be a cult favorite… It’s a moist cocoa powder and buttermilk cake frosted with white chocolate cream cheese icing…Yum!  Overall, I definitely recommend Macrina Bakery for their delectable desserts and tasty sandwiches.

Macrina Bakery in Belltown

Macrina Bakery in Belltown

Macrina Bakery website:

Address:  2408 1st Avenue Seattle, Wa 98121 (Between Wall and Battery St.)

Hours:  Mon-Sat 7am – 7pm, Sun 8am-6pm (Lunch served weekdays 11am-3pm, Brunch served weekends 9am-3pm)

Contact:  206 448-4032


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  1. surfseatown Says:

    This sounds like a wonderful bakery! I’m a big fan of restaurants that use local/seasonal ingredients, which really brings out the creativity in any chef. I’ll bet that they have a lot of fun making the menu every week!

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