Whistlin’ Jack Restaurant – Chinook Pass Hwy

I love going on great scenic drives and exploring much on what the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  For some reason I always get the best tips from my sport bike friends – Thanks guys!!  About a three hour drive from Seattle, Chinook Pass happens to be the most spectacular of the Washington’s Cascade passes.  As I drove down the Chinook Pass Hwy (410) towards Cliffdell is a riverside restaurant and lodge in the middle of nowhere.  You can see a lot of Northwest influence in the food and selections in wine.  Their dinner entrees were pretty diverse ranging from Huckleberry chicken, Venison Elk, to King Salmon.  I decided to get the King Salmon “Teriyaki” and plus I love salmon so go figure.  Alaskan coldwater salmon seared with a huckleberry teriyaki sauce and rice pilaf.  Yea, I know what your thinking…huckleberry and teriyaki sauce.   Quite suprisingly, it tasted great.  The tangy teriyaki sauce with sweet huckleberry blended well onto the King salmon.

King Salmon seared with huckleberry teriyaki sauce - Whistlin' Jacks

King Salmon seared with huckleberry teriyaki sauce - Whistlin' Jacks

Next time when I come back I’ll be sure to have some dessert…The Mt. Rainer Huckleberry Creme Brulee and the Mountain Blueberry Pie sounds tasty!  On the way back home to Seattle I wanted to stop by and do a little hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. Just a few hundred meters up the summit, I stopped at the stunning Tipsoo Lake.  I hiked up past the log and stone archway marking the summit of Chinook Pass and had a spectacular view of Mt. Rainier and the Cascade Mountains.  The best time to drive is late July to late October when the entire route is open.  Overall, I recommend the Whistlin’ Jack restaurant as a great stopover for good food and one of the best scenic drives that ascends 5430 feet overlooking a spectacular view of Mt. Rainier.

Tipsoo Lake Scenic Area - Chinook Pass, WA

Tipsoo Lake Scenic Area - Chinook Pass, WA

Whistlin’ Jack Lodge website: http://www.whistlinjacklodge.com/

Address:  20800 State Route 410  Naches, WA  98937

Hours:  7am – 9pmish (open all year around)

Contact:  509 658-2433


2 Responses to “Whistlin’ Jack Restaurant – Chinook Pass Hwy”

  1. surfseatown Says:

    Huckleberry Teriyaki! Huckleberry Creme Brulee!! I love huckleberries!!! I’ll bet you’re all huckleberried out belltowngirl…but hey, a huckle will make you chuckle;)

  2. The entree looks great, how are the desserts? Looks like the lake might be a good hike, after a hearty meal @ whistlin jacks’!

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