Bottega Italiana

When you come back from a foreign vacation, there’s always something there that you wish would be almost just as good to find here.  Having been to Italy and most surrounding countries, I have tried many exotic gelato flavors using high quality ingredients from panna nutella to Gianduia (chocolate and hazelnut).  Walking past Bottega Italiana so many times in Pike Place Market and it was a sunny day I decided to give it a try…I tried two bowls:  hazelnut with mixed berry(2 scoops$3.58), and Panna cotta with pistachio, and vanilla(3 scoops($4.79).  I must say it was very tasty…Very rich and creamy and it tasted almost like what it says.  For example, the pistachio was my tasted just like real pistachio.  The Panna cotta tasted just like the panna cotta that you order for a dessert in multi-course meals…it tastes silky smooth and melts in your mouth.  Bottega Italiana uses all natural ingredients for their corn syrups, artificial flavors and colors.  They have year round flavors such as Tiramisu, Caramello, Caffe to seasonal flavors like Ananas(pineapple) to Cocco(coconut).  Heads up..they have ample seating so I would just walk  to Pike Place Market and have it there.  I definitely recommend Bottega Italiana for its genuine taste and fresh ingredients.

Gelato - Bottega Italiana

L to R: Hazelnut/Mixed Berry and Panna Cotta/Pistachio/Vanilla - Bottega Italiana

Bottega Italiana website:

Address:  1425 First Ave (cross st is Pike St.)

Hours:  Mon-Thurs 10am-9pm, Fri – Sat 10am-11pm, Sunday 11am – 8pm (Summer Hours)

Contact:  206 343-0200


2 Responses to “Bottega Italiana”

  1. surfseatown Says:

    I like the fact that they use all natural ingredients. It’s amazing how much better food prepared with fresh/natural ingredients tastes. Life is too short to eat sub-par food! Blog on Belltowngirl!

  2. that berry gelato looks fantastic… I will definitely go check this place out!

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