The Matador

One of my top hangouts for tasty Tex-Mex food, fun atmosphere, and a great happy hour.  As you walk inside the Matador…rustic Mexican-inspired decor with an open fire pit,  polished wood, and antique custom ironwork adorning the entrance and cocktail area.  The Matador has two locations in Seattle: West Seattle and Ballard.   Ballard happens to be their original location and also opened up in West Seattle in the summer of ’05.  Both locations are great depending on your mood… West Seattle is great for just winding down in a smaller, yet cozy bar setting.  Since it’s summer now, I tend to go to the one in Ballard because it has outdoor seating and most of all it’s on NW Market Street which is much more vibrant than California Ave.  I have a couple favorite starters that are really, really tasty…. First, I had the Tex-Mex Spring Rolls…perfectly crisp with shredded chicken, herbs, spices, corn, and fried in spring roll wrappers.  The sauces are beyond tasty…I usually just dip it in both the sweet chile-sesame and avocado-sour cream sauces.

Tex-Mex Spring Rolls

Tex-Mex Spring Rolls - Matador

Next, I had the Goat Cheese Overstuffed Jalapenos.  OMG…great burst of medium spicy flavor….Grilled fresh jalapenos stuffed with roasted garlic and goat cheese, and wrapped in smoked hickory bacon.  Once you dip it in the tangy white sauce and take a bite it melts in your mouth with a kick!  I have tried most of the dishes at Matador and all were great.  Always consistent.. Next on my dining list is the Matador Grilled Ribeye and the Chipotle Baby Back Ribs.  The Ribs are seared in their cast iron grill and brushed with chipotle-Tamarind barbeque sauce.

Goat Cheese Overstuffed Jalapenos - Matador

Goat Cheese Overstuffed Jalapenos - Matador

Last but not least the Matador has a great happy hour of $4 dollar meals early and late into the night.  I definitely recommend Matador for their great ambience and tasty Tex-Mex food. 

The Matador

The Matador - Ballard

Matador website:

Address:  Ballard 2221 NW Market St., West Seattle 4546 California Ave. SW

Hours:  11am – 2am daily, happy hour 4-6pm and again at 10pm-1am daily

Contact:  Ballard 206 297-2855, West Seattle 206 932-9988


2 Responses to “The Matador”

  1. surfseatown Says:

    Ballard is so sophisticated now. It yearns for my return! The chipotle ribs sound great:)

  2. those spring rolls look great, espcially the crispy shell!

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