The Elliott Bay Cafe

As a Seattleite, I don’t normally go to touristy places as much anymore, but happen to notice the Elliott Bay Cafe’s renovation early this year.  The cafe connects to the popular tourist spot in Pioneer Square, Elliott Bay Bookstore.  As you walk downstairs to the renovated cafe, it’s clean, spacious, interesting art on the walls and most all the menu is great!  The whole cafe space and menu were completely remodeled by Tamara Murphy of Seattle’s Brasa restaurant.  The Elliott Bay Cafe is one of my top favorites for great sandwiches and salads.  They also serve breakfast all day too.  As for sandwiches they all have a very unique taste to it.  If you like vinagrette-like salads and tangy sandwiches read on.. A couple of my favs are the Roast Beef sandwich($7.95) which uses Zoe’s meats that are thinly sliced with creamy white cheddar and horseradish aioli on potato bread.  I love aioli and goes well with the meat.  As for the Grilled Cheese($6.95) it stepped up a notch….yum!  The ingredients are herbed goat’s cheese, tomato jam, Italian fontina, cheddar, and Mama’s lil peppers on a semolina rosemary bread.  The goat cheese and melted cheese tasted great along with the hot peppers and fresh bread from Macrina’s.

Italian sandwich, quinoa, and Local Pears salad- Elliott Bay Cafe

Italian sandwich, quinoa, and Local Pears salad- Elliott Bay Cafe

Lastly, the Italian sandwich($7.95) seems to be the addicting one that I always come back for.  The sandwich has salami from Zoe’s meats,  pepperoni, provolone, mortadello, shredded lettuce, pepperoncinis, coppa(similar to prosciutto), and extra olive oil on a baguette.  The sandwich was very tangy and the meat tasted great with peppers.  You get to choose between two sides:  leafy green or Quinoa salad.  Quinoa is a small seed that has a nutty flavor to it and is high in protein and calcium.  Also, they have a small, but great selection of salad dishes.  The Argentinian steak salad($9.75) is amazing..!  The chimichurri steak, red onion, cojita cheese, avocado, grapefruit, jalapeno, lime, and fried tortilla strips were indescribable…the burst of the tangy lime, grapefruit, onions along with the steak were soo tasty!  Last but not least can’t forget the simple and tasty Local Pears salad($7.50)….they use local pears, drizzled white truffle oil, arugula, reggiano, and pinenuts.  It  looks simple, but both the white truffle oil and fresh pears with a light crunch of pinenuts made it refreshing, savory, and robust.  Overall, I always enjoy Elliott Bay Cafe for their unique and fresh tasting sandwiches and tangy salads.

Local Pears salad - Elliott Bay Cafe

Local Pears salad - Elliott Bay Cafe

Elliott Bay Cafe

Elliott Bay Cafe

Elliott Bay Cafe website:

Address:  101 S. Main Street, Seattle WA  98104 ( Cross st. is 1st ave)

Hours:  Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-8pm, Sunday 10am-6pm

Contact:  206 682-6664
101 S. Main Street, Seattle WA 98104


3 Responses to “The Elliott Bay Cafe”

  1. surfseatown Says:

    The Chimmichurri steak sounds excellent! And the local pears salad sounds very refreshing…perfect for summer:)

  2. tyre11c0rp Says:

    Based on your pictures, the atmosphere looks great. Exposed brick, and a unique menu, I will be heading over there to check it out!

    thanks belltowngirl!

  3. agree, the vibe of the space looks intriquing! Definitely worth checking out! Do they have a patio, or anything outside?

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