Baguette Box

I’ve been meaning to write about this place ever since I stopped by two years ago.  One of my favorite places for unique and tasty sandwiches is Baguette Box in Capital Hill.  I first heard about this place thru a review on a newspaper years ago and ever since  then I have been hooked.  I am a major sandwich fan and their menu is quite different.  One of my favorites is the crispy organic tofu with avocado baguette($5.90).  Don’t shy away if you hate tofu…I like it plain and flavored….Well, this tofu is fried in braised coconut juice and tastes great from it being seared..really holds the flavor in…in addition, shaved pickled daikon carrots, red onions and last but not least…the sauce added to the bread is aioli which is a mix of garlic and mayo.  The aioli goes perfectly well with the the fried tofu and avocado.  The avocado is optional with the sandwich…I like avocado so go figure.  

Crispy organic tofu with avocado baguette - Baguette Box

Crispy organic tofu with avocado baguette - Baguette Box

My other favs are the crispy drunken chicken baguette($6.50)  that is flavored with a tangy sauce and carmelized onions.  There is some other sandwiches I would like to try soon…the wild salmon gravlax($7.50)cause I love salmon and the grilled chorizo baguette($6.25).  That reminds me..can’t wait for Copper River salmon to arrive mid May. Ooh yes.. I do keep tabs with Whole Food and Met Market of when they first arrive…

Onwards, typically when I have a sandwich here I like to order either truffle fries($4.80) or the hot and sour soup($3.00)…Both are really tasty sides.  Well, I decided to get the soup that day.  This hot and sour soup is extremely tasty…more on the spicy side..but not as good as my all time favorite one at Uptown China(THE best hot and sour soup..imo)

hot and sour soup - Baguette Box

hot and sour soup - Baguette Box

I am not very fond of parking in Capital Hill…I think I have stated this in my previous posts..but you know me…I go anywhere far and complicated to eat great food!  If you have been in Seattle long enough you probably know where the Baltic Room is…the Baguette Box is right next door.  If not, I suggest parking on Pine St(right out front) or the cross street at Melrose Avenue.  The Baguette Box has ample seats, clean enough, and most of all it has a unique menu of baguette sandwiches.  I can’t wait to post more of my FAVorite sandwich places…till then..Enjoy!

Baguette Box

Baguette Box


Baguette Box

Baguette Box

Baguette Box website:

Address:  1203 Pine Street Seattle, WA 98101  Cross st is Melrose Ave

Hours:   Daily 11am-8pm

Contact:  206 332-0220


One Response to “Baguette Box”

  1. surfseatown Says:

    Their sandwiches sound very creative and tasty. It’s about time somebody used real French baguette…and truffle fries!?! Wowsers! Yes, Copper River Salmon is coming out in May! I really miss getting Salmon at the Wild Salmon Seafood Market at Fisherman’s Terminal in Ballard. Yum!!!

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