Shorty’s Coney Island



This is one of my fav dive bars for great chili nachos and playing my fav arcade game Galaga.  Shorty’s Coney Island was actually named after the owner, Martha Manwaring who had a weiner dog named Shorty and her favorite hometown hot dog was hence the Coney.  The pinball machines  I liked were Medieval Madness, Addams family, and Wheel of Fortune.  Shorty’s has the most pinball machines in the state and they do have a good amount of arcade games(14) compared to most that I have been to(not the tabletop ones but the standing ones).  Trust me, I love good arcade games and I’ve been trying to find another Centipede/Millipede machine since Fuel bar had it removed.  Nevertheless, Shorty’s atmosphere is awesome from a jukebox playing  primarily retro punk music to people playing the pinball machines(12+) in the back.  A couple of my fav bar food here is the chili nachos($5), spicy pepper cheese dog($3.50), and well, lets just say I like em all.  Quite honestly, my ultimate fav bar food at Shorty’s is the chili nachos.  A generous amount of chili and cheese smothered all over the crisp nachos.  I always ask the bartender for “extra” jalapenos!

Chili Nachos

Chili Nachos

Arcade Games - Shorty's

Arcade Games - Shorty's

In the back of the bar there is a quiet lounge bar called the Trophy room.  Very retro cool and a great hideway from the sound of pinball machines.  The Trophy Room is open during the weekends and you can also make reservations for private parties.  Most importantly, bring cash because they don’t take plastic…only unless you are willing to pay atm fees from their machine.  Also, if you are into pinball they have a Shorty’s Annual Pinball Tournament and players compete to win for a grand prize of a classic pinball machine.  Overall, if you want to get away from the trendy bars in Belltown once in awhile and play some vids, I highly recommend Shorty’s!

Shorty’s website:

Address:  2222A Second Avenue, Seattle, WA  98121 (Cross st. is Blanchard)

Hours:  Noon to 2am seven days a week

Contact:  206 441-5449


5 Responses to “Shorty’s Coney Island”

  1. stiff drinks, no cover, and the tabletops are made from old pinball machines – can’t go wrong with Shorty’s!

  2. surfseatown Says:

    Sounds like a fun place! Do they have Robotron 2084? I love that game:)

  3. belltowngirl Says:

    Yup, they do have Robotron 2084. Just played the past couple weeks…addicting!!

  4. Chilli Nachos and Pinball!! Wow, that is amazing! It’s just the combo I’ve been looking for. I owe you one Belltown girl.



  5. surfseatown Says:

    Really, they have Robotron? Next time I head to Seattle, I’m bring a roll of quarters!!!

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