Red Mill Burgers

Red Mill Burgers

Red Mill Burgers

Red Mill Burgers first opened in the 1930s in Capital Hill.  They closed 30 years later and reopened in 1994 in Phinney Ridge and expanded to Interbay area in 1998.  I hope this burger joint never closes because the burgers are beyond amazing….  I first tried the double bacon deluxe with cheese about a year ago and have been hooked since then(4x a month).  The beef patties are flame-broiled and you can really taste it in every bite – very juicy and has that grill and smoky flavor to it.  I always order the Babe’s Onion Rings with Tub O’ Tartar Sauce – a light crunch and very tasty.  The Red Mill menu ranges from flame-broiled beef patty burgers to flame-broiled chicken burgers and sandwiches.  In addition, they have about 16 different  amazing shake and malts ranging from boysenberry to peanut butter.  I have been meaning to try the Verde Burger or the Bleu Cheese N’ Bacon Burger soon- will keep you posted;)  Overall, Red Mill Burgers are one of my favorite burger joints. 

Double Bacon Deluxe with Cheese

Double Bacon Deluxe with Cheese

Red Mill Burger website:

Interbay Address:  1613 W Dravis Street

Phinney Ridge Address:  312 North 67th Street

Hours:  Tues – Sat (11am – 9pm), Sunday (noon – 8pm), closed on Mondays

Interbay Contact:  206 284-6363

Phinney Ridge Contact:  206 783-6362

3 Responses to “Red Mill Burgers”

  1. surfseatown Says:

    Sounds yum! I love Boysenberry shakes! Do they have seasonal shakes…like Marionberry? I didn’t realize that they had such a long history…I thought Zesto’s was the only burger joint in Seattle with that claim to fame.

  2. those burgers are huge! perfect for splitting. also, make sure to get the tartar sauce ($0.23) to work with those onion rings!

  3. belltowngirl Says:

    hmm..Zesto’s ….never heard of that burger joint. I should try it out.

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