Le Panier Bakery in Pike Place Market

I remember the first time I went to Paris I was immensely in awe of all the fashionable clothing, french cuisine, the Louvre, etc.. While taking a break from shopping at Galeries Lafayette, I remember looking at these little cute round pastries made with with two cookies and a creamy filling inside.  I got a box of 20 and ate them one after another…seriously, it was like an aphrodisiac.  Crisp on the outside and smooth and soft in the middle with an intense, creamy flavor.  They had a variety from praline, pistachio, cherry amaretto, coconut, etc…  And they are about 1.75 in diameter.  After I left Europe I felt I would not find these french sandwiches called macarons in Seattle….well, i did.

A year ago I happen to stumble upon Le Panier in Pike Place Market. I was shockingly amazed…I saw the french style colorful macarons! I bought a box of 4(1.50 each). The cream inside was flavorful and soft in the middle, and fairly crisp on the outside. They dont have the exotic creamy flavors as the macarons in France of course…but it is still very tasty…the daily flavors they have are vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, orange, chocolate, raspberry, and coffee.  My cult favs are pistachio, vanilla, and orange.  Whenever I hit Pike Place Market, I will always stop by here and order macarons.  Then, again I’ve recently been hooked with their Napolean dessert and definitely much more to come…This is just the beginning of me and the topic of desserts on my blog…will keep you posted…

macarons from Le Panier Bakery

macarons from Le Panier Bakery

close up pic of macaroons - Le Panier

close up pic of macarons (strawberry and pistachio) - Le Panier

Le Panier website:  http://www.lepanier.com/

Address:  1902 Pike Place Seattle, Seattle Wa  98101  (Cross st. is Stewart St. and Pike Place)

Tel:  206 441-3669

Hours:  Mon-Sat from 7am-6pm and on Sundays 7am-5pm.


2 Responses to “Le Panier Bakery in Pike Place Market”

  1. surfseatown Says:

    OK, now I need to try some of these! Hopefully I can find macarons somewhere in DC…always the trendsetter, Belltowngirl:)

  2. pistachio sounds great! So, they’re crunchy on the outside and creamy inside? Hmm this is not too far from where I live, I’ll have to stop by!

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